Best Sustainable Fashion Brands in India to Invest In This Season

Indian culture is well-known for its textiles, unique crafts, and master artisans. India's sustainable fashion industry is also growing rapidly. The time has come to assist creative entrepreneurs dedicated to sustainable fashion. With increased awareness of the vital importance of sustainability, several Indian brands and creative designers aim to minimize fashion's adverse environmental impacts.

Conscious fashion is becoming more popular and is typically associated with luxury. Additionally, sustainably made clothing adds a high level of ethics into the manufacturing process and emphasizes the fabrics.

Here are some of the best sustainable fashion brands in India.


  1. Doodlage

Doodlage — the idea of Kriti Tula – is a well-known eco-fashion brand based in New Delhi. The brand develops stylish outfits and accessories using fabric waste. Doodlage was founded in response to the fashion industry's harmful aftereffects.

Doodlage strives for zero waste production. And the team will succeed as a result of their efforts.

All of this is accomplished with the assistance of the community members of artisans who operate in ethical manufacturing units around the country.


  1. The Jodi Life

Karuna Laungani and Gauri Verma are the co-founders of JODI, an Indian sustainable brand.

It has well-balanced mix of craft, culture, and fashion. The design and manufacturing process gives new vitality to traditional craft practices. Another plus is that the materials, such as the 100% natural Indian textiles, are printed by hand using an artisanal method known as HAND-BLOCK PRINTING.


  1. FabIndia

Fabindia is India's private marketplace for products created using traditional techniques, skills, and handicrafts.

This is a good step toward promoting Indian handicraft, legal employment, and long-term sustainability. However, the store's Kurtis and other clothing have stunning designs for the ladies.


  1. Nicobar

Nicobar is transforming modern Indian living, wearing, and ideas. Simran Lal and Raul Rai developed it, inspired by the modern Indian way of life and natural resources.

Although it has an international appeal, it sustains the flavour of India. The designs are so simplistic, professional and casual, and the colours are so earthy that one can easily feel special with them.


  1. Postfold

Postfold manufactures products that are both ethical and reasonable in price. Apparel enhances your appearance and sense of well-being.

The material quality is not the only factor contributing to Postfold garments' longevity. Products are meticulously crafted to last seasons and maintain well with your lifestyle. The products are quite well, and their sophisticated look makes them stand out.

The clothes are comfortable, and you may wear them from the day hustling to night shifts without feeling constrained. You can wear your shirts or outfits from the office to dinner. When it comes to dressing like a millennial, we need stylish and comfortable suits.


Final Thought:

Now is the time to switch to these best sustainable fashion brands in India and remain fashionable while minimizing environmental impact. These brands provide some incredibly crafted pieces to match your seasonal and wedding attire wardrobes. In addition, these sustainable fashion brands provide a range of colours and patterns, from light to vivid.

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